The Perfect Guys Night Out

Bachelorette parties are all about the bride, it’s to make it her day, to make her feel that her friends support her in all the decisions that she makes, and for her to feel loved. What matters most is that she knows her friends are going to be there for her. For a bride, having friends is already a reward, and to enjoy her bachelorette’s party with her friends is a bonus.After a long and stressful week at work, we all just want to invite the guys out to have some fun, drink some beers, have a little catch up, and be entertained. Normally, guys would just go to their same old pub to do all these things but there are a lot of bars that are thinking outside the box and offers great customer service that will surely get the guys coming back for more.


A lot of bars have been using challenges as a form of marketing strategy for their customers to do outrageous things, and it works! I’ve been through a lot of bars in my life, and I’ve seen some of them having challenges such as drinking a whole litre of beer within 10 mins for them to get it for free, but if he fails then the bar earns an easy 10 bucks. And who wouldn’t want to have their face be placed in the hall of fame of those who conquered the challenge and have an unlimited bragging right to your friends? It gets you drunk almost in an instant but not having to pay for the beer will be all worth it.

A naked service

There are companies that offer topless waitressing Sydney for hireto bars, parties, and events that will surely keep everything all fired up. If you and your buddies want your libidos to get going then head over to the nearest bar where you kind spot one. It has got to be one of the best ideas for marketing ever thought of, I mean men are inclined to sex, and having a place that offers this where their fantasies turn into a reality is a dream come true. Sex sells, and although engaging in a sexual intercourse is not part of it, guys and ladies will really enjoy their beers and cocktails being served by naked men and women.

Unlimited liquors

For bar owners, if they want to have a constant flow of customers going in their bar which denotes to constant flow of alcoholic beverages being served, then one of the best strategy to engage in is having happy hours that offers unlimited drinks. And everyone just loves getting their money’s worth because it’s a great deal! Consider this when you think of bucks night ideas. People would go to bars to have a good time with friends, drinks make it better, and unlimited drinks will just make everything awesome.