I Have Gone!


Up Up And Away

I have left. I have departed. I have gone!

I have gone to see my Parents in Sydney and having doing so have left something behind that is the whole of my being. I wonder what that could be?

I wonder what you could think it could be? That, that is my wholeness within me pondering that there is something missing and that can be once again whole, considering, that I have gone.

If you didn’t understand, no matter, as I lost myself there too.

Unless….? It was that wholeness that gave me the thought and feeling of ONE that is the cause of the emptiness of the whole within me?

But really that is neither here nor there. The reality is, I have gone to the other side of this vast country without my co-pilot.

In the short time I have been away, it has been hard on both of us. She has cried at my departure I have cried at departing. She has cried on Skype because she doesn’t have me there helping with Plants vs Zombies.

I have cried because I’m worried she may erase the level we are at on Plants vs Zombies. Ohh the tragedy of distance!

Seriously though, even if all above may seem fictional to you, it is not. I have just omitted the real whole that is in my heart. As I miss my Zombie Killer the moments I’m away.

I have Gone!

And I miss my Mimi!!!


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A father at rather an old age. And Loving it. All the help is appreciated. As long as she keeps me younger as she grows older...
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  1. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. Alex – A very touching post. As a parent who traveled away from my son more than I ever liked and relating to your feelings of separation…I feel your pain. Be strong as Amelie will always be there and cherish every moment together. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Come back soon and cheerish all that you live.

    Be well,

  3. Oh Alex, it is so difficult to be away from our little ones! Be strong it is hard on both of you but I am sure you will be home soon. Sending you hugs!
    Nelieta recently posted..A moment in timeMy Profile

  4. so sweet and lovely! this is what a dad’s love is! I could not bear to see that lost look in the eyes of sweet Amelie! I won’t forget this pic for a long time.

  5. just think of how amazing this technology really is, you’re so many kilometres away and with a click you’re back. she will no doubt slay many zombies while you’re away and be proud as punch to show you how many, when you get back. ;)
    tbaoo recently posted..must be important but what does it meanMy Profile

  6. Mate I’m sorry, my monkey children have just arrived back! Us dads have to stick together.
    Baldychaz recently posted..Creative writing part twoMy Profile

  7. A! I hope you had fun, though! xoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Pamela recently posted..Flamenco ~AlegríasMy Profile

  8. It’s hard being away from the ones that are more precious to us than life. All the thoughts we think, are they ok, did they brush their teeth, who will tuck them in, who will tie her shoe, who will say that special thing as you turn off her light.

    We know that in our absence, their mum or whom ever will be protecting our precious little ones when we are away, will do all to comfort and take care of them. But in our eyes, only we can tuck them in just right, brush their teeth until the sparkle, double knot their shoe laces..

    They cry at our departure, weep while taking on the phone, (skype) and it breaks our heart even more. It’s hard on both the child and parent. But who is it harder on? The parents? The Child?
    Probably the parents, because we have spent so much time with them keeping us busy etc. When they aren’t around all we do is think about all the things we do for them.

    But a child… so easily distracted… easily entertained. Yep.. it hurts them, and they get sad… but part of being a child is they are easily distracted…

    just my thoughts, hope your trip wasn’t for serious matters and you return home to your precious zombie killing princess.
    Debbie recently posted..Living in A Virtual WorldMy Profile

  9. You will always come back to where your home is.
    Born27 recently posted..Best Video Conference CallMy Profile

  10. HAHAHA! Awe, so PRECIOUS!!! It’s hard to be away… but just think how SWEET it will be, to start Plants vs Zombies all over again!!! hehe
    Lisa Marie Farfalla recently posted..O Tel AvivMy Profile

  11. Me and my nieces are always playing plants vs. zombies and we even enjoy with the whole family too..
    Jerrah recently posted..Healthy Dinner with Crock Pot GuideMy Profile

  12. I remember you writing about Mimi… and that left me wondering because I haven’t been visiting you both regularly here.

    So here comes the history of P vs. Z too :P… I’m glad that you’re back and I think she has learned more in her independence for a while…
    melissa recently posted..Of Cups and DreamsMy Profile

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