A Single Entity

As you may or may not have noticed I have been away due to the dreaded Man-Flu and since being found clinically alive have still stayed clear of my Precious,

(Other than Raising Amelie or the Ring that Binds us all… I mean this Blog)

In that time of absenteeism I can say that I have been busy in that I have been playing, I mean teaching a certain up and coming Tycoon, the intricacies of a certain board game… You may have guessed by the title of this post I suppose -or not- is about Monopoly.

The domination of a market by a single entity!

After teaching my 4 year old the basic rules, we began. Straight off the bat my little entrepreneur started buying. That is all good, but every move I made I was already paying rent as I kept landing on the properties she had just purchased (mortgaged). Around and around we went. I did manage to buy a few estates but unfortunately they weren’t in the best locale, so rentals were quite cheap. Yet I was still surviving the rat race.

It continued… And with every community chest I was giving out money whereas my events coordinator was receiving. A couple of times in jail didn’t phase my fraudster as she had most of the properties and by the rules still gets paid the rent. A good 2 hours were spent by both of us trying to dominate the other of the fellowship. What fun!

I was Decimated! I mean gave in! Lets’s play again? Oh go count!!

How Much?

Monopoly~ Dominated by a single entity?

Yes! As it should be! As that is what the game intended. As that is the fabric that rules our world. It’s the dogma that keeps the strong stronger and makes the many weak and insignificant. It is all about making money and who cares who you make a pauper.

It is about a single person among the few (or many) to truly decimate those around us by procuring what others in our fellowship have struggled to own through hard work, sweat and tears. It is for a single entity to buy, buy out, make it impossible for your fellow to truly be financially free, pretty much like a government (Taxes) or a bank (mortgage, fees)…

I was very pleased and thankful that when I was down to my last dollar and couldn’t pay my rent Amelie gave back, helped out the more unfortunate (ie. Me..) and was happy doing so. You may be thinking…

“oh well she wanted the game to continue,”
but I say, “she did feel bad and wanted to give rather than take.”

Because as soon as she did give… it was time to finish the game.

A single entity doesn’t mean a single person…
it means ONE and that ONE is us all… Together as a Species as Humans as a Family.

But we did have fun and were as One …

A Single Entity!!!

The domination of a market by a single entity! Not Here Pal!!!!!


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A father at rather an old age. And Loving it. All the help is appreciated. As long as she keeps me younger as she grows older...
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  1. She is full of determination and concentration. Fast learner.

  2. A, I have never really looked at the Monopoly game in that way. But after reading your post, it explains to me why I never really cared for the game. I’m so happy to hear that your daughter chose to ‘give’ in the end instead of ‘take’. She not only looks like you, but will have your heart as well ☺
    Mary Hudak-Colllins recently posted..{this moment}My Profile

  3. A lovely afternoon spent seeing you lose and your daughter win :)

  4. Alejandro, this is probably my favorite post of yours for many reasons. First and most importantly, there were so many cute pics of Amelie! She is growing and is gorgeous. I must also say she has swag! The look on her face says, “Yeah I’m about to whip my dad’s butt! You gotta a problem with that?” Lol!

    Secondly, the fact she wanted to give back when she beat you shows that you are a great dad. You have taught her to be empathetic and that is a trait that is missing from a lot of adults.

    Thirdly, I could see behind the lines of this post and was able to relate to what you’re saying on a more broad scale of life. We are here. We all matter and no matter what, we’re in this together.

    Hugs and appreciation for this! You and Amelie rock! :-)
    Tameka (@Tamstarz) recently posted..Lyric Fire: NaPoWriMo 2012 – Day 13 of 30 Poems in 30 Days – Before I Take The MicMy Profile

    • Thank you Tameka for the wonderful comment and yes it was meant to be with a value I hold dear and that is we are all in it together regardless of where, who, what, you know what I mean.. :)
      Cheers for dropping in to the Kindy.

  5. Ahh. With her performance on the Monopoly board, Amelie cleverly alluded to the age-old capitalism versus socialism debate.

    And given that she wopped your ass, she is a proven Capitalist! Huzzar Amelie!

    P.S. Loving the new blog layout ….. but how come you haven’t mentioned moi on your blog reading list. You defector you!!!! he he ;-)
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Mad Museums and Mush Stuffing ….. all for Masher!My Profile

    • Oh you high roller you! You Capitalistic vermin, You friend, I forgot that Page was there LOL I will gladly add you if I had your Capitalistic Emblem to promote your product for others to be brought in or is that bought in? I do have you on my blog roll though in the Footer though.

      Thanks Annie for slumming it :)

  6. First of all I love the pictues…especailly the second one….” What do you mean, you can’t pay your Rent?”….

    What a great analogy of what makes the world go around and how soon we forget what the important things in life are…and how some get caught up in the Rat Race of the Ownership over the comradre of the Fellowship…

    The beauty was, your little Entrepreneur was not into Owner Take All and “Sucks to be You”…she was happy to give back and help out…the beauty of children…I would say the apple does not fall too far from the tree…

    Loved this post Alejandro and the way you wove the message through an all time favourite game…I will never look at Monopoly the same again…but then the word does say it all….Always dear friend…
    Ravenmyth recently posted..Owl…I heard you call my name….My Profile

    • Having such an inspirational and enlightening Raven visiting my nest is such an honour and yes you are so right in that we do forget what is really important sometimes because we are conditioned too…

      Cheers RM

  7. Glad your feeling better A!
    Amelie, looks like a tough little princess to beat! So serious but looks like she had fun beating you! errm I mean winning… Opps I mean bailing you out… :) Fun times A!! Fun Times!!
    Debbie recently posted..Julep Maven – Klout – Blogging LingoMy Profile

  8. well my friend ……!!! what can I say great post.
    You need to take the caution out of the equation, Amelie has does not know caution yet!

  9. a great result, loads of money and domination. she’ll need loads of money for those groovy socks ;)
    tbaoo recently posted..a muddled message for moonyMy Profile

  10. A classic; a father taking time for his child and enjoying it; really “board games” are as important as reading rather than all the passive games there are for children. When I taught in the projects, we actually had to model to the moms how to read to their kids and how to play and interact with them!

  11. What a lovely post you big old soppy man. The dreaded evil lurgy has obviously brought out that inner love child ;)
    baldychaz recently posted..When the man comes aroundMy Profile

  12. Alex – Love the photos, story and analogy! Board games are great tools for teaching discipline, concentration, problem solving, etc., but in the end if you also have taught good values, and offer choices…well, you get the results written here. Understanding everyone’s value and a sense of wanting to give back.

    Nice photos, and great fathering!

    Be well,

  13. Kudos to Mimi…to give is a wonderful virtue…. she is growing so quickly..looking so much like you… I still hear her cute voice…You are right.. together we should all be ..no matter . who, what, where , etc… As always…XOXOXOXO
    Bongo recently posted..REJECTION / NELIETA..REAL LIFE SERIESMy Profile

  14. I think this may be your best post yet! Loved it! Yes! Global humanity! Hope you’re healed, dear A, and feeling fine now.
    Pamela recently posted..EcstasyMy Profile

  15. She is a winner this angel of yours!
    rimly recently posted..A Blooming BudMy Profile

  16. When i was a kid, me and my brothers used to make our own monopoly game and we even still enjoyed it..
    Myrrtle recently posted..The Denial of DeathMy Profile

  17. Monopoly is the type of kind that can improve the mind. The game is so entertaining that I don’t usually notice that I am making calculations and strategies in my mind. This is a great game to introduce to your kids.
    Karen recently posted..DTS HomeMy Profile

  18. I think the game is just not for me… I couldn’t understand what it’s all about and it was my eight year old niece teaching me…

    Oh well, I think you both had fun and I got the lesson in there :P
    melissa recently posted..Of Cups and DreamsMy Profile

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