Manamana Baby!!!

Hello and welcome to nothing particularly interesting.

So what about me you ask?
I am improving slowly but still poorly, oh whoa is me. But that is another story.
The thing is I am hearing stuff around the house, mainly songs I haven’t heard in a long time. Some good, some bad. But let me tell you, oh ones who love me, this is a favourite of mine and now it is all I hear since my Little Movie Critic has watched the latest Movie from these fantastic creatures.

Oh I will not add here the copies of copies of copies but I will post here the original and best! The one I saw… the one my girl has not yet seen by the way, so shhhh!

Now off you go and Manamana!



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About Alejandro

A father at rather an old age. And Loving it. All the help is appreciated. As long as she keeps me younger as she grows older...
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  1. Here’s to a speedy recovery :)
    sulekha recently posted..ImaginationMy Profile

  2. A, you are such a hoot! I haven’t heard this since my kids were young :)
    Mary Hudak-Colllins recently posted..What Should be Included in a School Health Plan?My Profile

  3. Does this mean I am really really old because I remember the original…..and UUUGGGHHHHH now this is all I hear…..I owe ya BIG time A….LOLOL..As always…XOXOXOXO
    Bongo recently posted..YOU TUBE TUESDAY/ I LOOK TO YOUMy Profile

  4. You are always bloody ill you are. I am going to start calling you Sicknote.

    What’s up with you, ya big girl’s blouse?!
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Izzy gets arrested aged 6My Profile

  5. Loveeeeeeeeeed it – saving this one for my daughter as well : )

  6. i was ten and i loved it, soon after i found girls and beer but that’s another story ;)
    tbaoo recently posted..the company owns everythingMy Profile

  7. This looks really interesting and I think I will let my kids watch this kind of entertainment and I am sure they will like this too…
    Adrienne recently posted..Sharepoint HostingMy Profile

  8. Feel better, A! That song has a bit of a history with me! xo
    Pamela recently posted..Coeur de pirate || Comme des enfants [vidéoclip officiel]My Profile

  9. I thought I heard something….
    Savira recently posted..The studioMy Profile

  10. I love the Manamana song. I used to have it as my alarm ring tone on my phone because it didn’t tick me off in the AM. I moved on to the Peanuts theme song now. :)
    Rachel recently posted..Thursday Thoughts – Angry Birds and Sling ShotsMy Profile

  11. I remember this! So silly and wonderful!

    Feel all the way better soon, A!
    Adriene recently posted..First KissMy Profile

  12. The video really interests me a lot and I think my kids would love it too…Thanks for the idea!
    Crysstal recently posted..Tomira Dating SiteMy Profile

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