14th of February is Not Valentine’s Day!

What’s this all over the web-o’-sphere about Valentine’s day? I mean really?
Yes I know it is the 14th of February and that does mean that this day happens to coincide with something to do with giving gaudy balloons or wilting flowers and oh, let’s not forget giving your special someone a huge box of chocolate, which you as well as they will be complaining about down the track when the pants or skirt are just a little too tight around the area where ‘said’ chocolate will end up.

I mean really, what a waste of money not to mention the falseness that this day is we call Valentine’s Day. Love should be celebrated all year round, minus the chocolate and terribly lame gift cards. But I think I have digressed from the point I alluded to by the heading of this post and that is…that the 14th of February is not Valentine’s Day!

I could go into all sorts of reasons why this day in our day and age is nothing more than a marketing tool for taking more out of our coffers than putting love into our hearts or I could go on about the beginnings of what we perceive to be an actual day of reverence to a Martyred Saint (actually Saints) who all went by the same name Valentinius. The most known of which who was Saint Valentine, bishop of Terni. Unfortunately even He was never suggested as being a Patron of Lovers as Pope Gelasius I in 496 and the first to establish this day states, “.. whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God.” Roughly translated as, “They did something but buggered if we know what!” But that’s not the reason for the name of this post.

You see, even if this day was brought about by the romantics of the 15th Century in particular the Father of English literature who wrote a fictional document and went by the name of Geoffrey Chaucer, does not mean that the 14th of February is Valentine’s day!
But again I digress as the real truth about today, the 14th of February is…


35 today (that's human years of course)

It’s Maximus’ Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Mate on your day…  The 14th of February!!

Now to get the gaudy balloons and chocolate cake as this day of Love is only celebrated once a year you know?


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  1. What are you the scrooge of Valentine’s Day? lol..just kidding! I also am not very romantic or enchanted by this day.

    Happy Birthday Maximus…what a great reason to celebrate today!

  2. Alex – Happy Birthday to Maximus! The other thing…meh!

  3. Hear hear sir and happy birthday maximus
    Baldychaz recently posted..When a man loves an I PadMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday Maximus…loved this post.

  5. Happy Birthday Max! Happy Valentine’s Day Amelie!! Have a great day A!!
    Debbie recently posted..Review ~ Elfishki and the Giant Cake an educational interactive iPad book for kidsMy Profile

  6. Happy birthday Maximus! and Happy Holy CRAP did I eat a whole box of chocolates today? <3

  7. Happy Birthday Maximus!!!
    jan recently posted..You Tube Tuesday/Valentine’s Day EditionMy Profile

  8. Happy Birthday you beautiful pup.

    Kisses and hug to you Angel Face give papa a big smoooooooooooch.

    Whatch it mister your gonna piss off Cupid :)

    Happy Love Day

    Kissssss me
    Jessica Brant recently posted..Domain Buy/Sell To Make Good Money~My Profile

  9. Awwww…that is something to really celebrate! Maximus’s birthday! Happy Birthday!
    rimly recently posted..Lingering….My Profile

  10. I was gonna say Happy Tuesday…but wait it’s Max’s birthday…Happy birthday Max….As always…XOXOXOXOXOXO
    Bongo recently posted..IS THIS HOW NORMAL PEOPLE REACT?????My Profile

  11. fantastic, is that croc a victim or a present ? – happy birthday maximus .. ;)
    tbaoo recently posted..i might have obsessive compulsive disorderMy Profile

  12. Happy Birthday Maximus…Each one is entitled to his own views.

  13. When I was younger I enjoyed the sweet pleasures of Valentine’s Day, but now…it’s just another day in my life :P But you have something extra special to celebrate on Feb 14th! Happy Birthday Maximus! What did you get him for his special day A?

    psst…you have always been very good at reading between the lines lol.
    Anna Sides recently posted..You Tube Tuesday – Lost Without YouMy Profile

  14. That better be special doggy chocolate if Maximus is eating it! Happy Birthday happy dog! :) Sorry I’m late… I move at turtle speed.
    Rachel recently posted..Thursday Thoughts: Sweethearting aka Employee TheftMy Profile

  15. Blimey, your dog looks like one of those killer pit bull types. Happy birthday to him anyway ;-)
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Funfairs and FireworksMy Profile

  16. a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAXIMUS. sorry, am late. so you are also an aquarian, right?

    honest, loyal trustworthy. ‘A’ celebrate :)
    sancheeta biswas recently posted..my wolf dancerMy Profile

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