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{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment you want to pause, savour and remember. “This Moment” is a ritual found on Life inspired by the Wee Man which I then kidnapped from Almost there by Sarah-Jane.

If you have a Moment just leave your link in the comments section so we can all have a snoop… Cheers


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A father at rather an old age. And Loving it. All the help is appreciated. As long as she keeps me younger as she grows older...
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  1. Kangaroos yeah! Wait you are dressed like one of them….
    Savira Gupta recently posted..This MomentMy Profile

  2. ohhhhhhhh mannnnnnn what I would give to be near them…..As always…XOXOXO
    Bongo recently posted..YOU REALLY NEVER KNOWMy Profile

  3. so typically Aussie…I love kangaroos but haven’t seen them for real (not even in zoos)…They look like wonderful creatures. That little one at the middle looks very cute :)…and the other one is moving on? Hop…Hop…
    melissa recently posted..Poe-A-Tree Blog Event: La Via de ‘la vie’My Profile

  4. Alex,

    When I was a little girl I love loved kangas and koalas

    Way cool photo.


  5. hop a little
    jump a little 123
    run a little
    skip a little
    tap tap one knee.

    kangaroos, lovely to see them when they r on their own.
    sancheeta biswas recently posted..silence speak your wordsMy Profile

  6. what’s that skippy .. there’s no beer left in the fridge :)
    tbaoo recently posted..friday moment 1 – 7My Profile

    • what’s that Skip? Alan has fallen off his yacht and needs the Australian Navy to find him off the coast of the Great Barrier Reef which is now being depleted of coral?

      Ti Ti Ti Ti…

  7. I want one A! Can I, can I??? Please?????????? Or at least, send me a video :) Great moment!
    Anna Sides recently posted..This MomentMy Profile

  8. That’s a cool picture A, never seen kangaroos. Hope you had a great time, here is mine:

    Mike Print recently posted..This Moment: A Friday Tradition (No.8)My Profile

  9. Figures… roo’s… or are they wallaby’s?? Here is mine!
    Laura recently posted..This MomentMy Profile

  10. Please bring me one when you visit!! Pretty, pretty please!!!!

    My moment:
    Nelieta recently posted..A moment in timeMy Profile

  11. i agree with bong — totally jealous!!! thank you for sharing ;-)

  12. LOL…I always love kangaroos!! =) Their looks, like the koala’s, bear no resemblance to their attitudes!! =) Great moment to share! =) I’m such a sucker for animals! =) xo
    Jewell recently posted..Friday Moment 7/1/11My Profile

  13. Love the photo!
    Mari Sterling Wilbur recently posted..Poe-a-tree Blog EventMy Profile

  14. Alejandro: saw your comment on my blog.. to answer your question, i just used the option of inserting a slide show under ‘upload/insert’. are you using WordPress…can’t tell which platform it is.

    Also, thanks for stopping by….where did you find them kangaroos?…that’s lovely!
    sukanya recently posted..A Child’s ArtMy Profile

  15. Wow! I’m so jealous but so glad you shared!
    rhyme me a smile recently posted..Ironic Animal LoveMy Profile

  16. Bloody hell. Did you take that picture of the kangaroos? I can’t possibly compete because the most exotic animal that we have in the UK is the squirrel. And most times I see them, they are roadkill. Maybe I could take a picture of a dead squirrel and add it to your gallery?
    Annie (Lady M) x recently posted..Blimey, the rug-rat has turned 6!My Profile

  17. Great moment! I’ve always wanted to see a kangaroo in the wild! How cool that you get to see them probably as much as we see deer over here.

    Blessings :)
    Jessica Mokrzycki recently posted..Who is Your Delilah? (Guest Post!)My Profile

  18. Never seen kangaroos in my life. Do they bite?
    rimly recently posted..The Darkness In Her….My Profile

  19. Ah…so that’s what Australians look like!! Now I get it. ;)
    Stuart Nager recently posted..Giving Up A LifetimeMy Profile

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